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Craft Serving offers online Alcohol Server Education courses for individuals that need to obtain a permit to serve alcohol at liquor-licensed businesses. It’s easy, online courses feature interactive content and realistic videos that make learning about responsible alcohol service fun and engaging.




$15.00 $12.50

This online course is approved by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).




$20.00 $16.00

This online course is approved by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC).




$20.00 $17.00

This online course is approved by the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (WSLCB).


With Craft Serving, you can:

✓ Get a permit to serve alcohol at liquor-licensed businesses
✓ Gain experience from other alcohol servers and bartenders
✓ View courses anytime on your computer, phone or tablet
✓ Prevent drunk driving and underage drinking
✓ Serve alcohol safely and responsibly
✓ Learn your state’s liquor laws


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your online courses like?

Our courses are designed by Alcohol Servers, for Alcohol Servers!

Before we were Alcohol Server Education providers, we were bartenders. As bartenders, we took pride in what we did and placed emphasis on craft and skill. We loved every aspect of bartending except mandatory alcohol server training. The online courses we took seemed poorly organized, outdated and out-of-touch with the issues alcohol servers actually face. And, although we had a good relationship with our local inspector from the liquor control board, we also felt like the information we received from the state was not always clear or practical.

Consequently, we set out to help bridge the gap by creating new, modern courses that make mandatory Alcohol Server Education as painless as possible.

  • To start, each course builds upon itself. This may seem like a basic concept, but for some reason, it is something many of our competitors have yet to figure out.
  • Each course incorporates a variety of visual and interactive tools to create an entertaining and engaging learning environment.
  • Each course teaches the basics of mandatory Alcohol Server Education in a clear, concise format so you can easily recall information from the course long after you have completed it.

By the end of your training, we hope you will feel confident in your ability to serve alcohol responsibly and be committed to upholding liquor laws, even under challenging circumstances!

To find a certified course for your state, please check out our Courses page.

How long do your online courses take?

The duration of our online courses varies by state. This is because each state has different requirements for course length. So while we try to make our courses as interesting as possible, unfortunately, we can’t make them go any faster.

That said, our courses take an average of 2-3 hours to complete. However, each course is self-paced so you do not have to complete it in one sitting. You may log-off mid-course and resume the course anytime you choose, picking up right where you left off.

To learn more about our online courses, please check out our Courses page and our FAQ page!

What devices can I take this course on?

Our online courses are compatible with most phones, tablets, computers and operating systems. However, for the best user experience, we recommend you complete your course on either a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. If you find it is not compatible with your device, we will issue you a full refund.

To learn more about our online courses, please check out our Courses page and our FAQ page!

Why do I need to take an Alcohol Server Education Course?

Several states and businesses require alcohol servers to acquire training and certification in order to work with customers. This is because Alcohol Sever Education promotes legal and responsible sales and service of alcoholic beverages and contributes to public health and safety.

To find a certified course for your state, please check out our Courses page.

Does anyone offer a free Alcohol Server Education Course?

Although there are other certified providers of Alcohol Server Education, the last time we checked, none of them offer a free online course.

This is due to the fact that a lot of effort and cost goes into creating an online course and maintaining a safe, secure customer database. Additionally, providing online Alcohol Server Education also requires a staff to coordinate regularly with state liquor regulatory agencies and respond to customer service inquiries.

Our course fee is competitive and we think you will find it is a good value for the quality of our course. As always, our friendly customer service staff is just a click or phone call away and they are eager to answer your questions and help you get certified through Alcohol Server Education.

To learn more about our online courses, please check out our Courses page and our FAQ page! 

Who We Are

We are craft cocktail bartenders who witnessed first-hand the lack of modern, relevant courses available to alcohol servers.

Our Mission

We advocate for alcohol servers by connecting them with resources to help them learn and grow within the hospitality industry.

Our Next Step

We have a lot in store for this year. Please follow our social media to stay up to date!

Let's Stay Connected

Craft Serving is a private organization dedicated to providing Alcohol Server Education courses and certification, and publishing alcohol safety education materials. We love connecting with our customers so we can learn their needs and how to serve them better. Please follow us on social media so we can get to know one another!

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Grab a cocktail and pull up a barstool! Craft Serving’s newsroom is a great way to stay informed on new liquor laws, practical serving tips and ways to get involved in your local alcohol serving and bartending community.



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OLCC Alcohol Server State Certified Course


OLCC Alcohol Server Education Guarantee To Pass


OLCC Alcohol Server Device Compatibility


OLCC Alcohol Server Interactive Course


OLCC Alcohol Server Self-Paced Course


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