Press Release: New OLCC Permit Course Provider in Oregon!

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Craft Serving is the newest online OLCC Permit Course provider to be certified by the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC).

Craft Serving’s online course has been developed by Pacific Northwest bartenders with years of experience working in the service industry. This approach provides users with more applicable content while adhering to the strict requirements of the OLCC.

Craft Serving set out with the goal to develop a more modern, relevant and user-friendly experience in order to create the best course in Oregon for OLCC Server Permit Training. While creating the course, Craft Serving partnered with Portland bars and local industry professionals to produce material for the course that is specific to Oregon. The result? A course that “DOESN’T SUCK!

For more information on how to get an Oregon OLCC Permit, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. For inquires on how to partner with Craft Serving to provide your employees or staff with a discount to our OLCC Permit Course, please reach out to our customer service at 541.380.1940 or email [email protected].


– Robin, Craft Serving Student




Craft Serving’s Course Fee: $15

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Sarah Travis
Co-Founder and Bon Vivant
Craft Serving, LLC


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